Caddy Mig C200i


Caddy Mig C200i

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Portable MIG/MAG welding unit with built-in wire feeder for Ø200 mm spools. For tradesmen – repair, maintenance and assembly welding of mild steels, aluminium and stainless steels as well as brazing. This easy to use, intelligent and powerful unit, offers excellent welding properties and is easy to take along to the job at hand. Great if you are welding in the workshop or on the move. Equipped with QSet™ - intelligent setting of welding parameters giving a perfect arc for all material and gas combinations. Single-knob control for consistent and optimal weld quality for all plate thicknesses.




Dimensions 449 x 198 x 347 mm


Description or Qualifier w/torches & cables
Weight 11.5 kg

Power Specifications

Current Range(A) 30-200 A
Efficiency at Maximum Current 82 %
Max Output (A) 200 A
Open Circuit Voltage 15 V
Power Factor at Maximum Current 0.99
Protection Class IP23C

Wire Feeder Specifications

Max Spool Diameter 200 mm
Wire Feed Speed 2 - 12 m/min
Wire Spool Capacity 5 kg

Fuse Specifications

Fuse Slow - Amps 16 A

Welding Output

Welding Output 180 A/23VDC @ 25%
100 A/19VDC @ 100%

Input Voltage

Frequency 50/60 Hz
Phase 1
Voltage 230 (± 15%) V


Application Classification S
MCableX 3 x 2.5
Operating Temp -10 - +40 °C
Standards IEC/EN 60974-1; 60974-5; EN 60974-10

Part Numbers and Accessories

Part Numbers : Caddy Mig C200i
Caddy Mig C200i, 1ph 230V 0349312030

3 m torch, 3 m mains cable with plug. 4,5 m gas hose clamp and quick connector, return cable with clamp, basic shoulder strap, fitted wear parts in torch/feeder (for 0,8 mm wire) and instruction manual. 1 kg OK Autrod 12.51, 0.8 mm wire is also included.

Accessories : Caddy Mig C200i
Coreshield 15 0.8mm 6x4.5kg 35UE084630 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
Gas Nozzle for Gasless Wire 0700200105 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
MXL 180 / 200 Contact Tip, .023" (0.6mm) 0700200063 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
OK Autrod 12.51 0.6mm 5kg 1251064600 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
OK Autrod 12.51 0.8mm 5kg 1251084600 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
OK Autrod 12.51 1.0mm 5kg 1251104600 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
OK Autrod 19.30 0.8mm 5kg 1930084600 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
OK Autrod 316LSi 0.8mm 5kg 1632084600
OK Autrod 316LSi 1.0mm 5kg 1632104600
PTFE Liner 3 m for 0.8 to 1,2 mm Aluminium wire (low friction) 0700200091 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
Steel Liner 3 m for 0.6 to 0.8 mm Wire 0700200085 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
Steel Liner 3 m for 0.9 to 1.2 mm Wire 0700200087 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR
Trolley (20 to 50 l gas cylinder) 0459366887 FIND A DISTRIBUTOR