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Welding Machines

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Arc Equipment


Tradesmig 141 - Obsolete.  Nearest equivalent CaddyMig C160i P/No 0349310850 and
CaddyMig C200i P/No 0349312030

Tradesmig 171 - Obsolete.  Nearest equivalent OrigoMig C171
P/No 0348311280

Tradesmig 201 - Obsolete.  Nearest equivalent OrigoMig C201 
P/No 0348311290

Tradesmig 251 - Obsolete.  Nearest equivalent OrigoMig C251
P/No 0349311420

Tradesmig 280-3 - Obsolete. Nearest equivalent OrigoMig C250 3 phase
P/No 0349307840

Tradesmig 300C - Obsolete. Nearest equivalent OrigoMig C280 PRO
P/No 0349312510

TradesMig 350C - Obsolete. Nearest equivalent OrigoMig C340 PRO
P/No OrigoMig C340 PRO

Industrial MIG

Transweld Challenger 400 Package - Obsolete. 
Nearest equivalent OrigoMig L405 Package P/No 0464500001

Transmig 326S Package - Obsolete.  Nearest equivalent OrigoMig 320 Package P/No 0479100208

Transmig 406S Package - Obsolete. Nearest equivalent OrigoMig 410 Package P/No 0479100210, OrigoMig 410w Package P/No 0479100211 and OrigoMig 510w Package P/No 0479100212


TradesTig DC150 Package - Obsolete.
Nearest equivalent CaddyTig 1500i TA33 Package P/No 0460450880

TradesTig DC220 Package - Obsolete. Nearest equivalent CaddyTig 2200i TA33 Package P/No 0460450881

Transtig DC300 - Obsolete. Nearest equivalent OrigoTig 3001i TA24 P/No 0459795894


TradesTig AC220 Package - Obsolete.
Nearest equivalent CaddyTig 2200i AC/DC TA33 Package P/No 0460150882

TradesTig AC220a Package - Obsolete.
Nearest equivalent CaddyTig 2200i AC/DC TA34 Package P/No 0460150883

TransTig AC/DC 203iS w/c - Obsolete. Nearest equivalent OrigoTig 3001i TA24AC/DC w/c Package P/No 0459795882

TransTig AC/DC 353iS - Obsolete. Nearest equivalent OrigoTig 4300iw AC/DC w/c P/No 0460100880


TradesArc DC150 - Obsolete.
Nearest equivalent CaddyArc 151i A31 P/No 0460445881

TradesArc DC200 - Obsolete. Nearest equivalent CaddyArc 201 A33 P/No 0460445884

TradesArc DC250 - Obsolete. Nearest equivalent CaddyArc 251 P/No 0460300881

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